My 7 Back To School Rules For Youth Pastors

Close your summer out right

Have a bonfire, testimony night, or a slide show of all your summer activities. Maybe have a special worship night or a night where everyone affirms one another and points out where they shined this summer.

I share a few ideas here

Plan with the end in mind

Get your Christmas Party on the church calendar and beat the rush. Make a list of what kind of student you want to have in three months or at the end of the school year and plan accordingly. We are doing a time video time capsule and letting kids talk about their goals and dreams for the year and we will show it at the end of the school year. This will be great for all our seniors this year.

Kick off your season with a bang, a few weeks after school starts.

End of summer and fall are two separate things. I like clear lines between season. This is probably form living in Florida too long where there were no lines. The only way I knew seasons were changing, was by what was on the shelf at Wal Mart.

I recommend having your kick off several weeks into the school year so kids can meet others, get to know them, and invite them the big deal.

Looking for a good kick off, try this



Have a W2W Strategy

What is W2W? That is a Wednesday to Wednesday strategy. How will you communicate with students between the W’s? How will you communicate with parents? If you do not have a current way of doing this try doing a one minute Instagram devotion every day or post a poll so kids can vote on various things.

Have a printed as well as digital fall calendars

Be sure to hit up your local print shop, ┬áif you cannot make your stuff in house, and you’ll find some great options for putting out your flyers and calendars.

Be sure to take the time now to make digital flyers for download so parents can copy them and put them on the fridge.

You should also make your social media pieces using this and this.

Get ahead of the game!

Meet with parents and find out what they need

We are having an open house after service one Sunday and I plan on using this day for recruitment of parents and other church members for events, camp, etc.

Before this day happens, I will be doing a FB live video to my parents group to share my heart for the new year and to all them to share their ideas and what their kids need specifically.

Parents must have a voice and we should give them every chance to communicate with us. Even the crazy ones.

Meet with school officials

Getting to know your school is important if you hope to make it your office away from your office. Here’s a few ideas.

Check with coaches to see if they need help

Check with the office to see if you can be put on a chaperone list

Offer your services as a photographer, videographer, or editor.

Offer your church for the football team to have pre-game lunch at (this has worked for me) or for the end of the year awards ceremony.

At least make sure the office staff knows you in case you go and eat lunch with some of your students.

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