Minute To Win it


Here it is boys and girls, a youth ministers dream show. When  Minute to Win It came on tonight I was stoked! Game after game I could here youth workers yell out their windows “I am so doing that next week.” The shows premise is simple, be the best at 10 games and and win a million bucks.

The games are simple and the materials are in your house or at the dollar store down the street. This show must stay on forever!! Long live games.

What is your favorite? Which will your groups like best? If you use them , send me a pic or video.

How Do You Deal With Blab-Aholics?

This short learning activity came about because our student leadership team (and I) were gabbing about their day, their relationships, school, food, etc and we were not getting down to Kingdom business. We only have an hour a week and so this lesson helped us realize the weight of our words and that what we share makes a difference.

The kids got it and it was a lot of fun. Try it with your small group, sunday school, adult volunteers, heck, try it with you pastoral staff and see what happens.

Here it is Blabbing Freebie

Do you have a method of keeping your students dialed into a topic? Share it with us.

When Sunday School Teachers Go Rambo

We’ve all been through it. We inherit a volunteer who you think you can work with and then you notice you can’t. Why? In my case it’s about teaching the curriculum, I have asked them to teach, connect with new students, and show up to appropriate meetings,  actually teach scripture, ya know , little things like that. Of course this thing is never easy. He’s taught for along time, the kids like him (of course, what teen woud not like to goof off  for an hour each week in SS. I have tried to work with our volunteer and he just wants to do what he wants to do.

Disclaimer: I like this teacher as a person. His son is on our leadership team (he takes after his mother).

My choices

1. Get rid of him outright (you are not doing the job)

2. Try to get him on board again (I don’t like this option, he’s not going to play ball)

3. Talk to the parents of students in this group ( not a fan of this either, makes me look petty, us vs him)

3. I may install an independent evaluation group. Just like public school teachers who do not make the grade, they are evaluated on progress of their students. I would have other staff members or parents, sit in in the class and evaluate the teacher/class. I like this option best for two reason

a) Parents see what I am talking about. I am not making it up

b) The teacher(s) do not get the backlash from me. They are getting it from independent people. In addition I plan on doing a Parent Poll looking for feedback on what they want in a teen Sunday School Class. The bring that to the teachers. Anyway, back  to the evaluation sheet:

Evaluation standard on the sheet

1. Did the appropriate lesson get taught.

2. Class discipline

3. How did the teacher/class respond to new guest

4. Was there prayer (yeah, you would think that I would not have to ask this)

5. How did the discussion go.

I would keep the list short but you are more than willing to add to it. What would you look for?

Are Your Seniors Spiritually Ready For The World?

There are a few ways to graduate from High School. There is the traditional way of four years in a public school system, there is home school which is a mixture of home and some school, there is straight home school with online classes, or you could just take your GED and show you have a basic education of things if you want to start work in something you love.

Many states offer some sort of exit exam without the schooling. What is the point of an exit exam?

“to make sure no student graduates or moves on to other courses without proving they have mastered what they have studied.”

As youth workers, we should also ask the question “Have our students mastered what they have studied?” Mastering may be too strong a word, but do our students understand the basics of faith? How to read their Bibles? How to mature and grow their own faith?

How do we know if a student is prepared to leave our youth ministry?

We may never know if our are students are ready to leave.  We may never  create an exist exam for our students to take but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t quietly ask ourselves the questions that would better equip our students to get ready for the world waiting for them.

Your Turn

Here’s my question to you. If you could create an exit exam to make sure your students knew what they needed to know to move on to the next level, what would it look like?

Would it be a written test?

How many questions would they have to answer to satisfy you to move them on? Would it contain Bible questions? Theology questions? Practical questions? Would it be multiple choice? Essay?

Share 6 questions, in any form, you wold put on an exam that would satisfy you, that a student under your ministry was ready to leave. Ready. Go.