My 17 Most Popular Posts of 2017

These posts received between 1,000 and 5,500 views each and are not arranged in any particular order. Enjoy.

The Wrong Kind of Busy

Growing Older In Youth Ministry Sucks

The Danger of Study – Preach – Repeat

Real Youth Pastor’s Don’t Starve

Losing Your Faith In Humanity? Good!

Three Reasons I Live Stream Our Youth Service On Facebook

The Anxious Ranting of A Burnt Out Youth Pastor

Three Tips For Apprenticeship While Looking For A Master

The Number 1 Reason I Am Not Ministering To More People

Halfway Is The Problem

Don’t Give Your Whole Life To Youth Ministry

3 Tips For Mentoring Teens

Turning Your To Do Lists Into Your To Be Lists

When I Learned This, I Was Crushed

Tips For Live Streaming Your Church Service

The Incredible Power of Encouraging Yourself

Did you have a favorite, something that really helped out?

Let me know. 

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