New Resource: Follow 5

This is a blog about discipleship, so it’s natural that I create curriculum, lessons, and retreats around the subject. Today I offer Follow 5. Follow 5 is really my manifesto on discipleship. It’s takes students past the “pray, read your bible, come to youth group, be a good kid” track that many youth workers have their kids on.

Follow 5 is based on five characteristics Jesus used to describe his disciples and, unless anything has changed, are still the standard for those who would follow after him today.

The material can be used as a retreat, as I used it, or as a five week teaching or even a camp. Here’s how I described it on Instagram

If you’re looking to lead your kids into the deep end of the pool, check out Follow 5. If YOU want to get into the deep end of the pool check out my new course called Discipleship Foundations which covers how to integrate these characteristics into your youth ministry DNA.

Got questions before you buy? Hit me up at

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What Is My Time Worth? You Decide

I’ve heard it said, “If people won’t pay for your time, your time isn’t worth anything.” That’s has been stuck in my head for a while and I decided to see if this is true.

For the past seven years I have brought you the best content possible as an active, in the trenches youth pastor. I am one of you! I share my heart, my successes, and my failures.

In addition to my office hours, I pass along what I create in the form of blog posts, podcasts, videos, and lessons. All of this takes time. How much is my time worth? Today you get to decide.

I have started a Patreon account. This is a tool by which you can choose a way to support the work I do, especially for those youth workers who have no budget, no support, and no encouragement so they can receive free resources.

There are three ways you can support me,

Team Turner $1 a month

This is just your app of saying, “I am with you Paul and I appreciate what you do for all us.”. It’s less than .05 cents a day and an easy way to show your support.

Turner’s Tips. $3 a month

This is for those of you who really enjoy my content and want a deeper dive into the who, what, where, and why of what I do. If you want to get a behind the scenes look at ministry, this is where you’ll see it.

Turner’s Tribe $5 a month

This is for those of you who have no budget, are under-appreciated, bi-vocational, volunteer and slap any other adjective to describe how hard youth ministry is sometimes. As part of Turner’s Tribe You will receive freebies such as full lessons, special training videos. special Q and A sessions and more.for only $5 a month.

That’s it. Easy as 1,3, 5

What is my time worth? You decide.

You can choose your gratitude path right here.

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New Five Week Sermon Series: Dear Bible

This series was a real passion of mine. I so desire kids to love the Word of God (Logos) and to listen for his voice (Rhema) that I took to writing this series. As with many messages we preach, they have their desired effect for a time but God’s Word never returns void (Isaiah 55:11)

Dear Bible, I apologize. And that is how  week one kicks off this five week series. Too many young believers think they can grow in their faith without the Bible. It’s time to challenge them to get real with the Sciptures. This series come with:

  • Five weeks of messages (In PDF and Word)
  • Slides (Powerpoint and Keynote)
  • Slide Graphics
  • Social Meida ready graphics
  • Attention getting illustrations
  • Audio Curriculum Coach

It’s time for students to get personal with their Bibles and this series will get the conversation started.

You can purchase the resource HERE


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New Three Week Sermon Series: Transformed




I wrote Transformed because I wanted kids to see themselves as works of art in progress. They are unfinished, but no less beautiful or valuable.

In this three week series we cover the transformations of people like Paul, Peter, the woman at the well and more. We look at their lives before and after meeting Jesus and the process in-between. We use stories about art, phone apps, hands on art projects, small groups and more to drive home the point that we can be transformed by the power and grace of God.

I’d love for you to give it a try. This is a money back guarantee, if you don’t like it, I’ll give your your money back. It’s that simple. Check it out HERE.

The series includes

– Opening activity ideas
– Art related activities
– Power Point and Keynote Slides
– Small Group Questions
– Promo Art Work
– Movie and Music Suggestions
– Curriculum Coach Audio

The series is flexible and you can design it anyway you’d like to meet the needs of your specific kids.

And remember, you are in the transformation process as well. God is not done with you yet. Keep going, and one day you will spread your wings and fly as well.

Soul Wars: Winning The War Within

Untitled design-11

There are some projects that just mean more than others. Not since I wrote The Hunger and Thirst Games have I been so excited and proud to put something into the hands of youth workers.

I labored and prayed over this material for months and  tested it twice at both a middle school retreat and high school retreat. In both cases, I saw God take kids from ground zero to a place where they grew confident in their faith.

The combination of preaching and small groups gave kids the best of both worlds. Students were inspired and were able to process what they heard.

My hope is that this material will cause your youth ministry, and mine as well, to grow bother deeper and wider. Here’s what you get in Soul Wars

  • Four weeks of messages
  • Four weeks of small group questions
  • Presentation in Powerpoint and Keynote
  • Games
  • Social Media Graphics for Promotion
  • Bunch of Other Graphics (for t-shirts, etc)
  • 15 Minute Coaching Session on how to use the material

This series will help your kids win the war within. May The Source be with you.

You can purchase Soul Wars HERE

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Games For The Geeky Youth Group : Super City



I don’t know of a better way to get to know teens, or anyone for that matter, than to play a game with them. People are most themselves when playing a game because they let their guard down and show how competitive or silly they can be. It’s for this reason that I was super (see what I did?) stoked to be contacted by Crucifiction Games to give their new game Super City a look.

Chris Weedin, CEO of Crucifiction Games, sent me a demo of Super City, ahead of their Kickstarter, to get my impressions of this game for youth groups.  Chris is himself a believer and lover of youth ministry and I hope to have him on the YMIM podcast soon so he can tell his story behind Crucifiction Games. I am happy to say that this game looks really cool and I think Youth Pastors will love playing this game with their kids.

This post is not a review of the game but a quick overview of the game, a break down of the cards, and game mechanics.

Note: All cards are demos. The actual cards in the starter pack will look different.

The game comes in the box you see below with a total of 62 cards. The cards are broken down into Sidekicks, Super Heroes, Super Villains, and Citizens. This game is a mash up of the game One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Day Break, The Resistance, and Mafia. In all of these games you are trying to guess who is who and eliminate the “right people”. In Super City you are trying to keep your own identity secret while trying to eliminate everyone else, depending on who you are.

The cards are dealt out by the Narrator who keeps the game moving and all identities are secret until someone is eliminated.



Each character has certain victory conditions. If you are A Super Villain, you want to eliminate Sidekicks, Super Heroes, and Citizens. Everyone else tries to eliminate Super Villains.


The game is played in rounds which equal a full day. Each round the players put their heads down/close their eyes and a different player, depending on their card, acts in the round. Example:

In round one, Sidekicks lift their heads and choose to protect one citizen, at least they hope it’s a citizen and not a super villain, from elimination. Round Two belongs to the Super Villains, they raise their heads, while everyone has their head down, they will choose a citizen to be eliminated.


Round three belongs to the Super Heroes, they run down clues in their super tights and choose a person and the referee will tell them, silently, whether that person is a super villain or not.


The first three rounds represent the Night and now comes the day. The Day is kicked off with the the Daily New Report. The narrator takes on a bit of role play and shares what happens during the Night.

“This just in, the villain known as Toe Jam broke into a Foot Locker and stole 100 pairs of socks. A night watchman tried to run him over but his vehicle was was Toe-tled in the process.” The is one of the narrator’s j0bs but the role of the news anchor is taken over by others as they are eliminated. I like this aspect of the game because no one is truly “out” of the game forced to watch others play.


The next to last round is Vigilante Justice. Someone’s gotta pay for all those socks. The citizens that remain in the game must accuse someone of being the super villain. Someone accuses, someone seconds the accusation, arguments from the accuser and the accused ensue (about 30 seconds each) and all in good fun, the narrator/storyteller then counts to three and on three everyone votes thumbs up or down on the accused. If the majority wins, the accused is eliminated. If the votes are not there, the accused survives another day.

In all, two people are voted out every “day” (unless a sidekick has saved someone) which makes the game go fast.


Finally, it’s Breaking News. Breaking news cards are fun cards that get people moving and doing but have the potential to be game changers. Breaking News cards are like commercials in the game that allow for a little fun. If you happen to be the Paper Boy you have the power to choose the next headline.


Super City can be played with as many as 25 people; which is great because a small to mid-sized youth group could play this all together if they wanted to.

This is just the basic game. There are variant character cards with writing on them that can change game play dramatically but they are probably best used in larger groups unless you want to play super quick games.

I look forward to testing this with my group and will probably put up some live game play on on YouTube Channel.  This is only my first impressions but I think Super City will have our kids begging to put on their capes and play this  game over and over again.

Check out the Kickstarter and maybe you could be part of the game, literally.

Start A Love Revolution

Customizable Facebook Devotion


Are you looking for some devotions to share about love? These 12 devotions will work year round as well as during Valentines. Each devotion covers a verse from I Corinthians 13 and offers you multiple ways to use them such as:

  • Hand out to students every week.
  • Use them in your messages on love.
  • Post them on your youth ministry Facebook/Instagram and encourage students to engage.
  • Use them as retreat devotions that kids use during quiet time.

Resource  Includes

  • 12 FB ready posts
  • 12 Instagram ready graphics (one per verse from I Corinthians 13)
  • 21 Micro-Devotions for Instagram
  • Bonus: 9 Instagram ready photos from I John 4:7-20


Teen Devotions: Social and Spiritual


Teens are social creatures and we need to take advantage of that. We all can post quotes but why not post for engagement? Here are five devotions that could get your kids reading, talking, sharing, and engaging.

Insta- Mission

Would you like to have an interactive devotional for your teens to dig into during your next mission trip? With these five devotions, and a little help from social media, your teens will be able to engage with the devotion with a picture taking aspect to each devo. Don’t have a trip coming up? That’s o.k., you could us these five lessons on a retreat or give it to new believers as a five day challenge.


  • 5 Printable Devotions
  • 5 Color Instagram Pics
  • 5 Black and White Instagram Pics

Give the devotions that give teens a voice in their native tongue of social media.


Do your teenagers think prayer is boring? Maybe, but why? Maybe they need some help, some prompts that will help them develop a daily habit of prayer and that is what Insta-Prayer does. There are 21 Instagram ready photos, with scripture, that will get your kids thinking about prayer but there is a bonus. I have written a short devotion for each photo with a call to action your kids can respond to. My hope is that your kids, over the 21 days, will be excited about talking with their heavenly Father and prayer will bore them no more.


  • 21 Days of Instagram ready photos with scripture
  • 21 days of devotions to go with the pictures to help you and your students engage.

Your Turn Devotions for Facebook

Do you believed devotions should be more than a box to be checked? Me too. That’s why I developed these deep dive devotions to help teens moves past regulation to transformation. I also wanted to offer you, the youth worker, multiple options for using these devotions both on and off line. Here’s what’s included:

  • 6 days of verse by verse devotions in Word and PDF
  • Your Turn Devotion Pages for each day.
  • Ideas Page for using the devotions on and offline.
  • 2 Audio Resources for more ways to make Digital Disciples

Teens need to know it’s their turn to read and respond to what God has said and done for them.


16 Ways To Add 16 Kids In 2016


16 for 16-2

16 Ways To Add 16 Kids

1. Give 16 kids $10 a week to show up ($8,320)
2. Tell kids every week Justin Bieber is showing up and then cancelled.
3. Show an episode of The Walking Dead every week.
4. UFC Fight between you and the Pastor
5. Exhaust yourself with big events every week.
6. Tell kids it’s Oprah Week every Wednesday (You get a car! And you get a car!)
7. Offer to do kids homework.
8. Give away puppies.
9. Preach on sex every week.
10. Make Coldplay songs your worship set.
11. Bunjee Jumping off the church roof.
12. Don’t talk about Jesus, sin, or discipleship.
13. Free beer.
14. Play dodgeball with live grenades. (although that will cut into your 16 kids margin a little)
15. Pray about things but never execute on anything.

Those are the 15 most ridiculous ways to add youth to your youth ministry. But number 16 is not.

16. Participate in 16 In 16

16 in 16 is something God dropped in my heart for churches that have 16 or less kids and want to add 16 kids in 2016.

How can I help you do this?

To the 16 churches who say they’d like to participate, here’s what I offer.

I am opening my entire library to you, for free. By the end of the year there will over $300 worth of resources available to you. This answers the excuse, “But we don’t have the budget”. So, what would you do if you had $300 worth of teaching, outreach, and game resources? You’ll have to sign up to find out.

In addition to the resources, I am offering, in audio version, 16 Impact Workshops on the 16 most important issues to you as a leader. Yes, they’re free as well complete with fill in the blank sheets.

Finally, you’ll be invited to group chats, Blab sessions, and a Facebook Group to talk about, complain about, and brag about your progress and I’ll help you make adjustments in real time.

So, what what are you waiting for? Well, do you want to add 16 kids to your youth ministry or not? Click here to fill out the form to apply.