Four Reasons Why AI Will Never Take My Job

The question each of us has to ask is simple (but difficult): What can I become quite good at that’s really difficult for a computer to do one day soon? – Seth Godin

There are a lot of jobs, well, just about every job has been affected by technology. There are things that people used to do that machines can do better. Seth Godin goes through his list of jobs taken over by tech here, and in all the cases he states we are better off, but being a Youth Pastor can never be replaced by a computer, AI or any technology.

Here’s my short list of why this is true

Tech doesn’t exert faith 

Computers may be able to show the greatest preachers on YouTube, play the best worship music on Spotify, etc. but computers are good at spitting out fact based on algorithms, but it can’t have actual faith.

It’s called artificial intelligence, but  God doesn’t recognize artificial faith.

Faith requires that a person doesn’t know the answer or have the courage to act. Tech doesn’t recognize it’s own needs, weaknesses, or shortcomings.

Google can offer answers to people with scriptures to questions based on SEO, but that’s not the same as sitting with a students and exploring the scriptures in real time. Some say there’s a ghost in the shell or the machine, but its not the Holy Ghost.

Tech has all code and no Christ.

Tech cannot love us back

Students are sick of artificial everything. They don’t like the fake or the phony and never have. The artificial only becomes acceptable when the real cannot be found. This happens too often as we grow up. We settle and get into rhythms where tech is “the next best thing” to a real friend.

Youth Workers, listen and love in real time. We can love students authentically. Kids can look in our eyes and see that someone is home, someone who loves them back.

Tech can’t empathize

People can have memories of getting  their first phone, their first game console, or their first tv, but the real memories are who they communicated with on the phone, who they played with online with, and who they binge watched Stranger Things with.

No one thinks fondly of a tech memory, like “Hey Tech, remember that selfie we took at the beach?” Could that change? Yes, devices are getting smarter but they’re not becoming more empathetic. Devices can do face recognition and maybe determine what it means to be sad and have some platitudes to share with us, but it can never be human.

In the movie I Robot (one of my favs) Will Smith I talking with Sonny, the AI

Detective Del Spooner: I thought you were dead.
Sonny: Technically I was never alive, but I appreciate your concern.

Things that were never alive cannot empathize with something that is alive.

Tech can’t play dodgeball

Pure and simple, no piece of tech can sling a rubber ball at a middle school student with equal amount of joy and glee. A machine cannot rejoice at catching the speeding ball of a High School student who though they had you dead to rights.

Tech can offer fun, but it doesn’t have fun. Kids need fun and not just entertainment. Students need play, but real play is interactive and is filled with shared moments that are one day relived with smiles and coffee. Tech can spit out what we did a year ago on a calendar but it doesn’t know why we did it or why it was important other than I said it was important.

No, tech and computers will never take my job. I use technology in ministry, a vehicle to get personal, not more technological. The kids I Snap, Instagram, and FaceTime know me, know I care, know I seek their best, know I love them. Teens cannot say the same of the technology they hold in their hands, no matter how much smarter is gets.

The old adage stands, “People don’t are how much you know, until they know how much you care”. Tech will never care for my students as much as I do.



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Is Their Approval Worth The Effort?

“Jesus calls us to his rest, and meekness is His method. The meek man cares not at all who is greater than he, for he has long ago decided that the esteem of the world is not worth the effort.”
― A.W. Tozer, Pursuit of God

Tozer says that the “esteem of the world is not worth the effort” but what about the esteem of the Christian community?  It seems we pour a lot of effort, via the internet,  into getting people to like, share, and approve of our stuff. And, by stuff, I mean our lives.

Somehow we think it’s important to get the approval of others before obeying God.

Therein lies the tension. Obey God, at the disapproval of others, or take a poll to see how many agree with our decision to obey God.

In the end we have to decide whose approval we ultimately want and if it’s  worth the effort.

How far backwards do you have to bend over?

How many of your own convictions do you have to throw out the window?

How much of yourself do you have to give up?

How much more do you have to become like everyone else?

The three questions we must ask are:

Is it worth it? Does their approval mean that much?  What will it actually cost you to get it?

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. – Romans 8:18

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Do What You Are Dangerously Good At?

Too many of us focus on our weakness. We’re trying to get better at things we have no business getting better at. That’s why I stay away from golf. Every time I go, someone wants to fix my swing or my stance.  Stop it!

There are those times we have to get better at weaknesses because our job demands it, but for the most part we should be doubling down on our strengths, and not just any or all our strengths, but our most dangerous ones.

What skill or talent do you have that, if you spent all your time doing it, you would crush it? That skill is wha you should focus on. Do the other stuff that’s necessary, but dial into that one or two skills that will level you up on the leader board and lead to greater  influence and demand..

What are you dangerously good at?




Web Design







Do what you are dangerously good at and the level, volume, and speed of success you’ll achieve will scare you.

What are you dangerously good at?


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How Much Do You Love The Journey?

How much do you love this journey, and change it to love it more if you are yearning for the tipping point – Gary Vaynerchuk.

Do you love it enough to change…

your schedule

your work habits

your fears

your relationships

your mission

your wants

your price

your hopes

your sleep

your life

How much is the tipping point worth to you?

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Fasting During Lent Doesn’t Have To Suck, If You Do It Right

Fasting is not fun, and it si not supposed to be. There. I said t. But it doesn’t have to suck either. Fasting is a wonderful spiritual practice,  but, let’s be honest. there’s no fun in giving up what you most enjoy. On top of that, if you fast the wrong way, it makes the experience even more terrible. A double whammy, if you will.

In today’s video I share about how to have the best experience doing your fast that will ultimately lead to joy, even if it’s not fun.


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What If You Knew You Only Had 24 Hours To Live?

Maybe you’ve thought about this. I didn’t, until I looked at the short life spans of animals. I was inspired to do this by Seth Godin’s post How Long is Now?

Animals don’t know how long they were created to exist. We humans have some idea, barring disease or accidents, humans can live, on average (as of 2013)

U.S. expectancy in 2011 was 78.7 years, which is slightly below the OECD average of 80.1. For U.S. men, the average life expectancy is 76, while it’s 81 for U.S. women. (At five years, this gap in life expectancy between men and women is smaller than the OECD average of six years). – Huffpost 

We also know about life span because we can tell time and measure age. We’ve seen people die at ripe old ages. We know about how far we can go.

80 years or so is a good bit of time, but we are so disrespectful of the time we are given.

We say things like.

I”ll get to it tomorrow.

Someday I’m gonna…

I’ll get around to it.

We need to show more respect for time and the goals which we want to achieve in the time we are given. Let’s break down our goals in animal time.

Pretend you are one of these animals and the number next to you is your average life span. What if these animals knew how long they would live? What goals would you set knowing you only had that amount of  time?

Rabbit Goals,  8-12 years

Guinea Pigs,  4 years

Mosquitofish, 2 years

Chameleon,  1 year

Dragon Fly, 4 months

Houseflies, 4 weeks

Drone Ants, 3 weeks

Gastrotrichs, 3 Days

Mayflies, 24 hours

We are all given the same amount of time,. Whether we use it, invest it or waste it will determine if we achieve our goals in life. Above all, we should at least respect the time we have.




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The Real Killer Is Not 2016

If you’ve been on social media lately, it seems 2016 is a really bad guy. I say he, but it could be a her, or maybe it’s an alien and I should call it an it. Either way, 2016 has been a villain for many, but not me.

Am I sad thar we lost so many icons and stars? Sure, I want everyone to live forever and die comfortably in their sleep exhaling rainbows like a Snapchat filter, but that’s not the reality we live in.

Great talents who died in 2016 include

Prince, Muhammad Ali, Carrie Fischer, David Bowie, Nancy Reagan and  even Abe Vigoda who people were saying had died in years past. All talented people. All beloved by us who grew up with them and who watched and listened to them display their art. The big question is, who will take their place?

Over 187 talented people from every walk of life passed from this life including sports, politics, music, medicine, movies, and television. We mourn their loss because they will not be around to bless us with what God had blessed them with. They made their mark in the world and we applauded them for it and they deserved it.

187 talented people sounds like a lot, but when you compare it to the amount of dreams and goals that were killed by excuses this year, it sounds small. The next Prince, the next Bowie, the next ____________ (fill in the blank) hasn’t stepped up yet to make their mark because of a host of excuses like “I could never play guitar like Prince” or  “I could never act like Carrie Fischer”, well you’re not supposed to, you’re supposed to become the next great you!

But that will not happen if you keep making excuses why you cannot do whatever it is that you have been gifted to do. The world is waiting and you’re next in line. Step up.


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Don’t Bet On The Future

For those who do not follow me on Instagram, I have been leaving one minute messages about excuses and overcoming them. I got up on December 12th and said to myself, “I want to change my morning routine.” That day I went and bought some sweat pants and set my clock for 5:30 the next morning.

I walked for about an hour, covering a little over 2 miles. Not a stellar day but I was not setting out to run a marathon, I just wanted to change my routine. I also did not wait until January 1 to make this commitment because Jan 1 is a big, fat lie.

Making a commitment on January 1 will not guarantee that you keep that commitment and neither will any other day. That is why on December 13th I got up, changed my morning routine, and went walking. Two weeks later, I am still at it.

While I walked, I go the idea to share some thoughts on Instagram. Below is the video where I talk about betting against the future.


Stop betting against the future.

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The bottom line is, we cannot control or forecast the future. The future is unpredictable, but although we cannot foresee or predict the future we can prepare for it no matter what tomorrow brings.

Walking 3-5 miles a day does not secure me any more time in the future, but it does prepare me for a day, if I should live that long, for a time when I’d like not to weigh so much and have an active lifestyle when I am older.

I believe in not betting on a fickle future, because the future always wins against an unprepared soul.

Scripture tells me that the future is unstable ground when it comes to making big boasts,

Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business, and make a profit.” You do not even know what will happen tomorrow! What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.… James 4:13,14

This does not mean we should not set goals or make plans, it means we must hold them loosely and prepare for whatever future may show up at our door.

I know who holds the future and He is greater, and more stable, than what the future may bring me. My bet is on Him.

Tell me, are you betting on the future? Why or why not?


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January 1st Is A Big, Fat Lie

And you bought it hook, line and sinker. I understand why people wait until the beginning of the year before making new commitments but New Years Day is not a date, it’s a mindset. The minute you choose to make a commitment, the calendar flips to New Years Day. January 1, the calendar date, is quite alluring, but if it’s such a great day to make a commitment, why do the vast amount of commitments made on that day fail so miserably 30 or 1 day later?  January 1 is a lie.

Our brains tricks us into thinking things will be different, a new  year, a fresh slate, but why are we unwilling to start today? If this commitment is so important we should get right on that, right? Here’s the real problem, we carry our excuses from last year into the new year.

If we do not butcher our excuses and eat them to dinner, nothing will change. January 1st is, in and of itself, and excuse, a way to prolong any commitment need to make right now.

I recently started walking in the mornings. I had made no plans to start walking as a new commitment in my life, but I had had enough of the excuses of why I was not walking. On this day when I heard

“Its too cold”

“It’s so warm here”

“You don’t want to do this”

I declared war on my Excuses and punched those Excuses in the mouth.

I just wanted to walk, get healthy, and maybe lose a few pounds, that was the extent of my goal. No hoopla, no announcement or fan fair;  I just got up and did it. I’m eight days in and up to about 9o minutes of walking at about 5 miles per walk.

Today is New Years Day, if you want it to be, or not.

In the comments, let me know: What excuses did you use this year that you need to kill off?

Is your dream big enough?

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