14 Questions I Will Try To Answer About Our Youth Ministry in 2014


14 Questions

To be fair,  I ask these questions every year and some I can answer, some I can’t, some I just have to leave up to God.  Having a list like this makes me want to curl up in  ball and never get out of bed (been there) but it also shows me why prayer is so important and how insufficient I am to accomplish God’s work by my own hand. This list also shows me where I am gifted and where I am not (mostly not) and how I need to lead with my strengths and recruit to my weaknesses.

To also be up front, I have a few ideas about how I will be answering some of these questions and will be sharing them with Fresh Impact  newsletter subscribers. Not signed up? Click HERE to find out why it might benefit you and your ministry.

What questions will you be asking in 2014? Leave yours in the comments section below.

1. What will define success this year?

2. What worked last year? (and should I repeat it?)

3.  Do I have/What is/How Do I take my discipleship strategy? (How do I help kids become followers of Jesus)

4. What changes should I make in my youth room that will help kids connect with God and each other?

5. How will I intentionally grow in my relationship with God this year?

6. How will we reach out more effectively?

7. How will I grow my volunteers numerically and spiritually?

8. Which relationships do I really need to work on this year (Pastor, students, parents, church people)

9. How will I balance  my family/ministry time  better this year?

10. What risks will I take this year to make an impact for Christ?

11. How will I use social media better this year to connect with  students and build our program?

12.. How can I do  better job of helping parents disciple their kids?

13. How can I do a better job of connecting our adults and students ? (which may answer #7)

14. Will we look/act more like Jesus this year than last?



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